Download Clinical Skills for OSCEs – 5th edition PDF free

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Download Clinical Skills for OSCEs – 5th edition PDF free
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Clinical Skills for OSCEs – 5th edition

This full-colour fifth edition of Clinical Skills for OSCEs has been updated, revised, and extended by a dynamic team of medical students and junior doctors from all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton and Cardiff to Norwich.
Medical school is hard enough without having to pull together vast amounts of incomplete and often conflicting information from maladapted and sometimes unreliable resources. The purpose of this book is to save you time and trouble by gathering all the information that you need and presenting it to you in a concise, structured, and memorable fashion, freeing you to excel at your exams and become the best doctor that you possibly can.
Co-edited by John Allen, a graduate medical student at Imperial College, and Neel Burton, a tutor at Oxford University and the winner of the BMA Young Author’s Award 2009, this new edition is bigger and better than ever before, crammed with 124 stations to cover every major clinical skill examined at medical school.

What students thought of earlier editions:

After six years at medical school I have become very accustomed to having at least five or six books piled on my desk for each topic… Clinical Skills for OSCEs is the first book that I have come across where I can finally clear my desk and have one book in front of me. Such a joy! The book cleverly covers everything in a clear and succinct manner.

This book is very well laid out and helpful for all clinical exams. The text is clear and concise and I would recommend it to any medical student preparing for OSCEs or other clinical exams.

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Clinical Skills for OSCEs – 5th edition pdf

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