Download ebook Nursing the Cardiac Patient free pdf

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Download Nursing the Cardiac Patient free pdf
Download medical books free pdf

Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF

Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF


Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing is a comprehensive reference that provides a foundation for all cardiac nurses. It is designed to prepare the nurse who is first learning to care for patients undergoing cardiac surgery. It addresses significant changes in cardiac surgery and the nursing responsibilities to meet the needs of these acutely ill patients. Second, the book provides advanced knowledge and a scientific basis for nurses who have mastered the essential knowledge and skills necessary to care for this patient population who now seek more in-depth knowledge base about advances in this dynamic field and strategies to optimize patient outcomes. The emphasis throughout the book is providing an evidence-based foundation for care of the patient during the vulnerable period immediately following cardiac surgery. It also serves as a study aid for those readers preparing for the AACN’s Cardiac Surgery Certification. The book features critical thinking questions, multiple choice self assessment questions, web resources, clinical inquiry boxes, and case studies.

The Perfect Study Tool for the AACN Cardiac Surgery Certification!

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Nursing the Cardiac Patient pdf free

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