Imaging of Cerebrovascular Disease PDF

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Imaging of Cerebrovascular Disease PDF: A Practical Guide

Imaging of Cerebrovascular Disease
Author Val M. Runge
File size 16.2 MB
Year 2016
Pages 160
Language English
Category Cardiovascular
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Imaging of Cerebrovascular Disease: A Practical Guide is written both to be read from cover to cover and to be used as a quick reference in the midst of a busy clinical day. It serves well as a supplement to general introductory neuroradiology texts advancing the reader’s expertise regarding ischemia aneurysms vascular malformations and other vascular lesions. The text can also be used as a supplement for study prior to relevant certification exams for example the American Board of Radiology Neuroradiology subspecialty exam. Designed as a practical educational resource for the imaging of cerebrovascular disease it is divided into six chapters. The breadth of coverage is unparalleled in terms of illustration with modern imaging techniques of the spectrum of ischemic lesions as well as that of aneurysms and arteriovascular malformations both prior to and following treatment. Attention is paid to detailed gyral anatomy in the chapter concerning brain ischemia an important subtopic. Care has also been taken for the text to be inclusive yet focusing on the most important disease presentations covering well the breadth of the topic without gaps. The diseases and their imaging presentations that are likely to be encountered in clinical practice and that are essential to know are covered comprehensively. The focus is on illustrating and describing the relevant findings as visualized on MR CT and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) as well as providing in-depth discussion. The text is written from a clinical imaging perspective drawing on both personal experience and traditional education resources. In this way it also covers common imaging findings often not well described in more traditional multi-author academic textbooks. The true basis of the text is that of the clinical imaging of cerebrovascular disease and recognition of characteristic findings on MR CT and DSA of the disease processes we are likely to encounter in clinical practice using as a basis excellent images and case material from all three modalities.

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